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Mainsail 49,0 m2

North full batten mainsail combined with the new Selden MDS low friction batten hardware is the best choice for performance and durability. Full batten mainsail is also easier to handle especially if you have Lazy Jacks or Stacker installed.

- 2T-cut

- 9 oz  Norlam or Dyneema

- Two single line reef with blocks (reef 1&2)

- One regular reef (reef 3)

- Cunningham

- Drawstring sailbag.


Picture of NorLam Radial full batten mainsail at M40.




- Stacker is the most practical and easiest way to handle both Lazy Jacks and sail storage.

- Easy operation and simple construction.

- When under sail Stacker is lowered beside boom.

- Color can be same as in sprayhood.

- Color stripe in stacker is optional.






- Harken





- Color by choice.





Trysail    14,5 m2

- Crosscut

- 9,9 oz NorDac 4800

- color is orange red

- Sailbag.


Trysail is run in separate track mounted beside mainsail. (see Rigg extra's > Trysail track kit).


Trysail can be packed ready to use beside mast. Trysail is hoisted with mainsail halyard.




Furling jib 109%,   39,0 m2

Furling genoa is a challenging sail to design as the wind range where it is used is very wide.

- 2T-cut

- 11 oz Norlam or Dyneema

- Vertical battens

- Rope Luff

- UV- cover

- Drawstrig sailbag




Furling ST-jib 88%,    33,5 m2

This really easy to handle sail is a must for shorthand sailors. Sheet comes directly to helmsman. 

- 2T-cut

- 11 oz Norlam or Dyneema

- Vertical battens

- UV-cover

- Drawstrig sailbag




Storm jib    13,0 m2 

- 9,9 oz NorDac 4800

- Crosscut

- Sailbag.


Storm jib is hoisted to cutterstay (see Rigg extra's > Cutterstay kit).



Spinnaker 119,7 m2

- 2T-cut

- 0,75 oz or 1,5 oz NorLon

- Launching bag.




Furling Gennaker Kit's

This complete Gennaker kit includes G1 gennaker and Facnor furling system packed to sailbag.

Easy to store, install and use.

Hoisted with Spinnaker halyard and sheeted to extra blocks with spinnaker sheets.




Gennaker G1    71,8 m2

The optimized shape and depth of G1 allows for efficient sailing at tighter angles and or stronger wind than the other G-series.

- 2T-Cut

- 2,5 oz NorLon

- Box turtle sailbag.




Gennaker G2    121,5  m2

The G2 Gennaker is the largest and most powerful made by North.

- 2T-Cut

- 0,75 oz or 1,5 oz NorLon

- Box turtle sailbag.




Gennaker G3    108 m2

North’s most versatile Gennaker has the same forgiving traits as our G2, but in a smaller, flatter shape, which makes G3 a really wide range Gennaker.

- 2T-cut

- 0,75 oz or 1,5 oz NorLon

- Box turtle sailbag.





- Available for Spinnaker

- Available to all Gennaker's




Extras for sails

- Sailnumbers & Graphics

- UV-cover on exposed leech and foot area

- Genoa cover

- Tuff seams

- Gennaker furlers.

 - Just ask and we get back with an offer.




Special made sails

- Printed logo or any picture at any sail

- Special colouring

- 3D laminated

- Carbon / Spectra / Dyneema sails

- Just ask and we make an offer to you





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