Shore power and Generator


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Shore power kit

- Available 230V and 115V systems

- Shore cable

- Connection

- Shore power central

- Battery charger

- Outlets at chart table and galley

- Extra outlets available to any location (not included to Shore power kit).








Special shore power kits

Special shore power systems are each time individually designed to meet specific needs.

Usually this is needed when boat is equipped with air conditioning or generator.







To Maestro 40 is available generator for 230V or 115V systems.

Maestro uses Mastervolt Whisper 3,5 kW generator with water/gas separator for silent running.

A Mastervolt Whisper diesel generator serves as your very own on board power plant, one that is compact, economical, extremely quiet and easy to operate. This means that you can be certain of always having the required electric power at your disposal.

Extensive monitoring and single-touch operating is easy because of the Digital Diesel Control (DDC) panel (even automatic start/stop on low battery capacity voltage and interval).


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